KORSA Windows
KORSA Windows
KORSA TM Windows and Doors are manufactured in Vinnytsia, Ukraine.
You can buy our windows through a well-established brand sales network in any city of Ukraine as well as in many other countries.

KORSA is an ARP partner of REHAU, Germany since 1998.
Our glazing is produced at own modern manufacturing line by world leader Lisec, Austria.

Key priorities from the inception of KORSA TM are high quality, constant innovations and good service in all our network.
Our approach is 100% customer satisfaction, i.e guaranteed fulfillment of laws and business ethics.
Understanding of those principles brings us joy and happiness from everyday work.

Our installation teams are well trained and have all the required licenses. Correct installation with proper sealing of installation joints is very important for us.
We provide 10 years guarantee and life-time irreproachable service.

If you want to be proud of your PVC or aluminum windows/doors for many years - KORSA Windows TM is the right choice.

Зона діяльності

по всій території України

Чому клієнти обирають продукцію ТМ Вікна КОРСА?

Більше 350 000 задоволених клієнтів з 1998 року.

Висока якість

10-річна гарантія

Професійний монтаж

Надійний сервіс

Технологічне виробництво

Величезний досвід роботи

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